Tree Round – Ash 5″



Tree Round Ash, 5″-6″ diameter, 1″ thick, 25-45 years old. Rounds are dried, sanded then sealed to prevent cracking. Like a fine piece of furniture, these rounds will be a fixture in the classroom or any project for generations. These large tree cross sections clearly show the growth rings, core wood, sap wood and bark. Placing a real life tree round in the hand of a student greatly enhances education and retention.

Use this specimen Ash round as a classroom teaching tool in multiple disciplines. Story Telling, History, Literature, Science are some ideas. Count the rings and determine the year the tree was “born”. Tell a story from the tree’s point of view as it grew. What did the tree “see” or experience. Students investigate events in history at the time the tree was born and throughout the life of the tree. Or, relate the tree to themselves or their family tree, weather conditions, community events, sporting teams or events, any third person story telling. Great for group or individual learning of STEM and STEAM concepts as they relate to real life elements in the students environment.

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Weight 1.5 lbs
Dimensions 6.12 × 6.12 × 1.25 in


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