Services at Outsource Solutions LLC

Outsource Solutions offers light manufacturing capability and subcontracting capacity. We are located in Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin.

We offer assembly, parts preparation, sorting, labeling and packaging on a one-time or on-going basis. We can work with your equipment or offer to purchase required equipment. We are dedicated to quality workmanship and responsive deliveries.

If your business needs an alternate supplier or would like a competitive quote, feel free to contact us today.



Subcontracting is when a manufacturer contracts with an outside supplier to produce a component, process or product to the manufacturers specifications. The materials used may be supplied by the manufacturer or the manufacturer specifies the materials to be purchased by the subcontractor. The manufacturing process is controlled by the manufacturer.

Why should a company Subcontract?

  • Increase capacity during peak demand.
  • Reduce overtime.
  • Reduce temporary or full time staff needs.
  • Reduce overhead.
  • Reduce costs.

Subcontracting Services

We offer labor, equipment and facilities for one-time or ongoing jobs. Our goal is to be very flexible and responsive. We will work with your materials and equipment in our facility or offer to purchase equipment compatible with your needs.

Services can include parts prep, inspection, testing, sorting, unitizing, assembly, rework, recycling, packaging, or reverse logistics.

Lean Manufacturing

Manufacturing operations are continually striving for increased productivity and throughput in their operations. The goal is to satisfy your customer with the exact product, quality, quantity and price in the shortest amount of time. As customers and competitors compress the lead time required to remain competitive, manufacturing needs to focus on its core business to increase productivity and thus throughput. Part of Lean Manufacturing is reviewing operations for those components, processes or products that add cost rather than value. An example is parts preparation. Is your core business to be experts at parts prep or producing finished goods? At each step of the manufacturing process you need to ask if this step is adding value. If not, you have found a candidate for subcontracting or outsourcing in order to focus your staff on value added operations of your core business. Lean manufacturing methods allows your operations to reduce staff and focus on your core business. Productivity, throughput and responsiveness to the customer are increased. Let Outsource Solutions, LLC offer your company a cost effective alternative as you focus your operations.